Hempstone Villages: scaling up to the task of living and educating for sustainability and net zero life, offering financial and health stability to persons of all ages eager to live creatively in trusting community. Non-profit member-run franchises, equally apportioned of students, residents, and guests, generating on site businesses and work for residents with paths to careers and residential status for students. Specializing in Hemp/lime construction, and hemp R&D for green products of all kinds.

Hempstone Villages is a non-profit plan to serve generations to come. Implemented with care and attention to detail, these villages will be around for hundreds of years.

They are to fulfill our environmental, societal and financial unmet needs, and advance health, happiness and joy for future generations.

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We use dynamic governance, a consent based non-hierarchical method for our governance structure.


Our board of directors is referred to as

The Facilitator's Circle.

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Tel. 413-329-3200

33 Bellows Falls Rd

Putney, VT 05346



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Hempstone Villages, Co. is initiated to be a not-for-profit Membership Organization

with dynamic governance by and through its members.