Members are engaged in collaboration to establish Hempstone Villages. We will continually offer opportunities for you to engage with your skill set.  Clearly it will take many hands to break ground on the five founding Hempstone Villages.  Are you willing to roll up your sleeves and put on your suit later?

Join us by making a donation of time, skill and money in whatever amounts you are motivated to! 

Hempstone Villages is in the process of organizing, we have the company EIN. The non-profit filing with the IRS is in the works, we do appreciate donations towards existing costs, and we will update the site to reflect our IRS status nearer to fall 2020, when we expect the 5013C status to clear.

The most engaged members become the most foundational members.  If you have a proposal, bring it forth, we need your vision and specific expertise.  In Hempstone Villages you can expect to be empowered. We are counting on your enthusiasm to create and participate in Hempstone Villages as we co-create the better world we know in our hearts is possible.       

Hempstone Villages, Co. is initiated to be a not-for-profit Membership Organization

with dynamic governance by and through its members.